Kalandozz Ausztráliában!

Ausztrál szlengek

Elképzelhető, hogy most még attól félsz, ha Ausztráliába költözöl, hogy fogsz boldogulni az angollal. Azt hallottad, hogy Ausztráliában beszélik a legtragikusabban az angol nyelvet. Hogy ez így van vagy sem, majd magad eldöntöd, amikor már kint fogsz élni, de egy biztos: Az ausztrál szlenget hamarabb fel fogod venni, mint azt gondoltad, főleg azért, mert most megosztunk veled egy halom szlenget, így mire benyomod ezeket és odaérsz, a kutya sem fogja elhinni, hogy most érkeztél és még te is otthon fogod magad érezni rögtön az első napon J

Acca Dacca - rock band 'AC DC'

ace – excellent

ambo - Paramedic, Ambulance Officer

‘ang on – wait a moment

arvo – afternoon

Aussie - person from Australia (pronounced: Ozzey)

‘avago – have a go (usually ‘ya mug’ – you fool – is added); try harder

bangaroo - marathon sex

barbie – barbecue or BBQ

barra - a barramundi fish

bewdy or bewdy bottler – good; the best

Beyond the Black Stump – far from the city; the outback

bickie - biscut or cookie

bingle – minor car accident

bludger – layabout, one who wants something for nothing, person who does not work or works very little

bluey – a swag or blanket roll

bombed out – unsuccessful; also drunk

bonza - excellent

boys in blue - Police

Brisbanites - people from Brisbane

buckleys - no chance

budgy smugglers - swimming atire, also referred to as 'togs'

burl - 'give it a burl' give it a go; attempt something

by crickey – an expression of surprise

cactus – useless, broken

cark it – to die

cashed up – having plenty of ready money

cheesed (off) – bored; fed up

chewy – chewing gum

chook – domestic fowl

chook raffle – a lottery in which the prize is a chicken; usually held in a ‘pub’ (hotel)

chuck a wobbly – go berserk

cobber – friend

cocky – know all; also a small farmer

combo - combination

come a cropper – to fall heavily

cot case – a drunk or exhausted person only fit for bed

cracking - excellent / get cracking - start something

Darwin stubby - 2 litre bottle of beer

deadhead – a stupid person

deadly - excellent ("The Deadlys" is an award program to recognise the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to their community and to Australian society)

dead marine – an empty beer bottle (also: dead soldier)

dead set – certain; assured; used as an exclamation meaning ‘really!’

dead set against it – uncooperative

dingy - small aluminium boat

dinky-di – genuine

do your lolly (mellon; nana; loaf) – to get very angry

dob in – to betray or report someone to the authorities; also to nominate someone for an umpleasent task

don’t get off your bike – calm down

drongo – stupid person

dry as a drovers dog – extremely thirsty

dunny – an outside toilet

esky – a portable icebox (brand name)

fair crack of the whip – ease up (also: fair suck of the surf)

fair dinkum – honest; genuine

fair enough – alright; acceptable

fair go – a chance; also an appeal for fairness

flake (out) – to collapse; to fall asleap

flat out like a lizard drinking – lying prone; also rushed; extremely busy

flush – having plenty of money

fossick – to search for something

freak out – to have an extreme reaction (good or bad) to something

full as a goog (tick; boot) – drunk; full of food after a big meal

game as Ned Kelly – very brave (Ned Kelly was a daring bushranger [robber] in 1878)

gander - 'have a gander' to 'have a look'

garbage – an exclamation meaning ‘what rubbish, I don’t believe you!’

garbo - garbage collector

g’donya – good for you; well done; can also be sarcastic; or mean ‘I don’t believe you’

go off like a bucket of prawns in the sun – to create a commotion

good one – an explanation of approval; or comment that someone is stretching the truth

good-o – yes, alright

goon - wine sold inside a bag and cardboard box

goose - 'you goose' means 'you clown'

gutful – more than enough (I’ve had a gutful of this – I’ve had enough)

have tickets on yourself – to be conceited

hit the deck – to duck; to put your head down

hit the tin – put money in the kitty; to contribute to a collection of cash

hoon – a stupid or uncultivated person; also a fast or wreckless driver

hooroo – goodbye

jackaroo - male working with cattle or horses

joolaroo - female working as a jackaroo

kero - kerosene

kick in – to help out with money

knee high to a grasshopper - a yong child (short)

knock – to criticise, find fault

knocker – a person who makes derogatory remarks

larrikin – mischievous, wild or carefree person

lations - family relatives or 'relations'

like a hornet in a bottle – furious

like a possum up a gum tree – moving fast

like a rat up a drainpipe – moving even faster

lingo – language

loaded – extremely wealthy; also very drunk

local rag - local newspaper

longkneck - 750ml bottle of beer (also: tallie)

mackas - McDonalds

main drag - main road or street through a town

mate – good or best friend; also used to greet someone as in ‘G’day mate’

matilda – a blanket roll carried by a swagman

Melbournians - people from Melbourne

metho - methylated spirits

mexicans - people from the state south of yours

milko - milk home delivery person

m’oath – my oath; on my oath. bloody oath - i agree

mug – fool

mulga – rough country (actually: a type of tree)

muso - musician

no-hopper – incompetent person; social misfit

nosh up – a good meal

nick – to steal

nicked – to be caught; (I got nicked – I got caught) go away; (get nicked)

nick off – to go away; expression meaning ‘lose yourself!’

nifty – stylish; clever; shrewd to the point of dishonesty

novocastrian - someone who was born in Newcastle / supporting the local rugby league team.

ocker – the archetypal uncultivated Australian male

outback – the inland country far away from large cities

pear shaped - when things go wrong

pint of beer - 570ml

prang – minor car accident

prawn - shrimp

pot of beer - 285ml (a 'one pot screamer' is someone who gets drunk off very little alcohol). Also known as a 'middy' or 'half pint'

pull your head in - stop acting that way

rack off – to go away

Julia Gillard - Rangaranga - person with red hair (Julia Gillard former Australian Prime Minister - pictured right)

rego - vehicle registration

righto - alright

ring-in – a substitute

rissole - a type of meatball flattened out; or fat meat patty. (also: 'given the rissole' sacked or fired from employment.

road train - a truck with many sections attached (some road trains are over a kilometre long)

rort – a con

sangers – sandwiches

schooner of beer - 425ml

’scuse me - excuse me

servo - a petrol station or gas station

she’ll be apples, she’s sweet – it’ll be fine

shoot through - to go somewhere else (or he shot through)

shonky – poor quality

shotgun - the front passenger seat of a vehicle

shout – to buy drinks for everyone

shrapnel - coins of a low denomination

sickie – a day taken off work, but not necessarily because of illness

skip – Australian-born (from Skippy the kangaroo [a TV show])

skite – a bragger

slack - work left over by a lazy person. To 'pull up the slack' is to do the work left over by others.

a slash - to take 'a slash' or 'have a slash' - to urinate

smoko – a break from work (originally a cigarette)

snags – sausages

speedo - vehicle speedomoter

stinker – an objectionable person

stone the crows – exclamation of astonishment

stubby - a bottle of beer (330ml) or stubbie / a brand of shorts

stubby cooler - used to keep your hand warm and a beer cold

swag – a blanket roll of light bedding

swagman – a man who travels around the country on foot and takes odd jobs usually in the outback

Sydneyites - people from Sydney

ratbag – a rogue; an eccentric person

rubbish – to criticice; to mock

servo - petrol station

ta - thank you

tall poppy (/syndrome) - a cultural tendancy to cutt people down to size - criticise people who excell or achieve significantly / or publicly above others.

ta-ta – goodbye

Taswegins - people from Tasmania

the ditch - water between Australia and New Zealand

tinnie – a can of beer; a small aluminum boat

too right – an exclamation meaning ‘I agree’

top drop – a good beer or wine

true blue – genuine

tucker - food

twit – a fool

ute – open backed pick-up truck

veg out – relax

wag – to play truant

wheelie – a noisy skidding turn while driving

wheely bin - a council issued rubbish bin on two wheels

whinge – to complain

whopper – something surprisingly big

woop woop - out in the middle of no where

wowser – a killjoy; a prudish teetotaler

write-off – a total loss

wuss – spoilsport; afraid to have a go

yakka – hard or heavy work

yank - American

yarn - to have a conversation

yobbo – a loud or stupid uncultivated person

yonks ago (or yonks and yonks ago) - a long time ago

zonked (out) – tired out; exhausted


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